Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T-12 weeks and the Christmas holidays

Merry Christmas everyone!

So i have been absence in the past few weeks but all is coming along nicely. The weight loss had stalled at 70kg but there was definately changes going on with my body. The waist has come in alot and there is less back fat LOL. Today I finally broke to 70 barrier (Santa came a day early). It was exactly what I needed to keep me on plan for tomorrow. I am spending Christmas eve with my Mum (Dad is away and so are my brothers so didnt want her to be alone). We are having steak and veg and going for a big walk to see the Christmas lights and get in the mood.
Christmas day will be started with a brisk walk at the beach. I will be working the lunch shift at the restaurant which I am seeing as a positive. 1 less meal to behave through. Mum will pick me up from work to take me to my uncles house. I am allowing myself a small treat with my Christmas dinner but that will be it for the evening. Boxing day will be spent doing retail therapy and dinner with the new man. Perfect relaxation.

Training has been going guns a blazing. Training with Danielle is working out great and we train alot harder. My obliques are still hurting from Sunday's session. Cardio is even going well. I am now walking for an hour in the morning and the bike for 45 min at night. Im enjoying it and it makes it that much easier if its not a chore.

Not sure what else to right exept have a great holiday and love the time with your family.
Merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes come true in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think it has been another week. We had a brilliant brunch on Sunday with the figure girls with a few new comers which is always nice. Jaime Lee, Vivenne, Danielle and Katie P were all first timers to the brunch. Aswell as the lovely Jo, Magda, Kate and Kerry. It was a big brunch with alot of chatter. And even though I took my camera I forgot to take pics to post. I actually had such a great time chatting that I didnt even realise everyone was eating around me while I ate my 'thin air biscuits'. I happily munched away on my tuna, brocolli and cauli after. After chatting with the girls about dieting I have come to the conclusion I need to up up up the greens. So on the suggestion of Viv I am going to try to eat a whole heap of lettuce with my afternoon tea. I had it today and it was surprisingly nice. I wrapped the chicken with a heap of lettuce and had little rolls.

After brunch I needed to hit the gym and Danielle was keen to train too (I knew one of the girls would be keen) and we trained HARD! My tri's have never hurt like this 2 days after a session before. We both pushed each other harder then we would have gone alone so we will try to train together as much as possible now. We trained again tonight Danielle on Chest and me on Back and still we did well. Would be easier if we were doing the same body part but it still worked. She is a great chick with crazy vains and poppy muscles. Because we are aiming for the same comp it will def keep us in line I think.

Weight dropped slightly on Sat again and the big man patted me and said 'good girl'. So if its going in the right direction im happy. Still cant quite crack the 70kg mark but when I do there will be alot of cheering! Didnt do weights yesterday and took advantage of the great weather and hit the beach for cardio. Went for an hour walk without even noticing. Beautiful sunset and really cheered me up out of my Mondayitis. I was in a much better mood today and very productive.

Challanges this week will be Fridays Christmas party. I will need some good hard will power for the day.. The weight in Sat morning might be enough to keep me in line.
Peace out X

Sunday, November 30, 2008

And here is the big event I am working for... very excited!

I had a brilliant weekend just as I planned. Spent a great Sat with some friends on the back of their bikes. The adrenalin rush was mad and now thinking a bike might be on the cards for this young lady (although my Dad would likely disown me).

Trained with the boss man on Sat morning and halfway through he spoke the words I have been awaiting and dreading 'No more cheat meals' but only for 3 weeks he said. I am making a bet that after 3 weeks he will say - no more cheat meals full stop. This might be tricky with all the social lunches and dinners (with set menus - including dessert :() I wont cry too much as I still have some fruit in the diet. As long as there is some fruit it doesnt seem like im dieting. I am definately coping with it better this time around though. I guess I know what to expect (the worst) so any thing above that is a bonus. LOL. I am joking about the worst - but last years experience was horrible for me. I seemed to have no control over my mind or my tears.. This time around im laughing.

Cardio has also been increased to twice a day which is fine by me. Some nights I was already doing a double session so now it will be everyday. I dont mind cause it is not hard cardio like I did last year. Brisk walk or on the bike (I get to watch hundreds of movies).

I started ready my course textbook for my summer school at uni and already received an assignment (bit rough I think) but might as well keep cooking while the iron is got (I dont think that is the right saying).

I have a nice week planned and hope to get to the comedy show again Wed night for midweek giggles. I even hope to drag along a date for the night..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another week down.

Well Friday again and looking back on the week I have no idea what I have done.
Tuesday night I flew out to Melbourne for a course which was brilliant and has really opened my eyes up to the possibilities with my work. I now have some idea to where I can lead into given time, hard work and just a smidge of luck.
I did manage to get in a great 2 hour walk around Melbourne at night. I love the city after dark.. So much going on and there is a buzz which is different to the quite charm of Adelaide. Had a great dinner before falling into my very comfy hotel bed. Cardio was done in the morning on an exercise bike overlooking Melbourne and I could feel Melbourne waking up around me.. Loved it!
Food was on track all day until I got to the airport and ate off plan. I guess it is progress that it didnt escalate into a full scale pig fest - just dinner.
As soon as I got home I feel in love with my life in adelaide again with my cozy apartment and felt like I had been unfaithful to it by my wonderful dreams of moving to Melbourne.
All is back on track with training and food. Had to stop my leg session 3 times last night to stop that 'ops here comes lunch' feeling. Results this week have been poor though. The scale is not budging (I might blame water) and I cant 'feel' any difference. I guess that means will need to train that bit harder next week.
Christmas is fast approaching and so are all the xmas parties. I am really trying to put a limit to it all. I have 2 work does that are essential to me. But i chose the menus so shouldnt do too much damage. Training and work are continuing all the way through xmas so shouldnt loose my momentum. Also im working Xmas lunch so only need to worry about Xmas dinner. I find its not the meals that are the problem over the festive season its the nibbling inbetween meals - so Im going to be very strict about eating between set meals.
I am really looking forward to this weekend. Nothing especially planned (besides work and training) but I hope to catch up with friends and spend plenty of time laughing.
Have a happy and safe weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I cant beleive it has been a week again.
So just a quick post before I fly off to melbourne for a course..
I trained with hayzer on Sat for the first time in 3 weeks and he said that he can see some changes and that by butt is shrinking.. The relief can not be expressed. I feel good and can see changes myself and using it to keep me going. Weight is down to 71kg (which is still higher then I want but hey as long as it is moving and im not going mad im happy).
Training will be slightly off this week due to the course. I will fit mycardio in without an issue but I have rearranged weights to fit everything in. I trained 2 body parts yesterday (ow) and will do 2 on Thursday and then will have covered the lot by Sat.
My food is all preped to take with me on the course so no excuses there.
Only 4 months to go now (nearly time to think about Kini and music oh and the 15kg still to loose. :))

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Im back to the land of the living - just. Last week I was getting sick and sure enough Friday came down with a full blown head cold. Right before my exam. This entire weekend feels like a blur and not entirely sure how my exam went. Cant really remember. That cant be good. I know I left early. All I really needed was a Pass so am pretty confident I did enough to get me through. I had plans to study all weekend which was not going to happen.
Had a BBQ dinner with my family and Nanna and Pa last night and a small scoop of icecream (that was my sunday treat). Had a great night with them inspite of the cold. Had a very touching conversation with my baby bro who is 14 and was confiding in me which im just chuffed about. He is just the sweetest boy and Im glad he felt he could come and speak to me. I just hope the advise I gave helped. My parents and brothers went away for Sat night to a birthday party and have all collectively decided they have found my next boyfriend. Its been awhile since they have played match maker so im intrigued to see what they have come up with.
Woke this morning to the miracle of a clear head. Must have been that big sleep and icecream that fixed me. I slept through my morning cardio but will make that up tonight.

Scale has finally dropped again (must have just been the snot LOL). Im feeling more positive with the whole comp process (well today I do. who knows what tomorrow will bring).
It is going to be a very busy week with work (thinking retirement would be the way to go), training (last week before I see H), studying (last exam on Friday), and Birthday celebrations (where I will show full self control - no cake this year).

Work calls to I will catch you all very soon! XX

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spent most of the weekend sleeping which I think was my body telling me it needed rest to fight something off. Finally feeling on the mend and am in a positive mind space. Does anyone else have a few days every 3 months where the just cant move?? Dont care to move, dont care for work, dont want to do anything? Well this lasted 4 days.. I just didnt want to play. Took Friday and Monday off work to recupperate and was still off yesterday but im back now.
Now I did all my training over the weekend including weights and cardio.
I even trained with Sean (a mate of mine) on Sunday and we trained chest. I put him incharge of the session which proved to be very interesting. He has a different way to train more of higher reps, drop sets and very little rest. Got a mad pump after which was promising to see. Mind you I went home and slept for another 3 hours after.
Diet was a little hit and miss especially when I am definately trying for near perfection. I slept through meals and I think I underate all weekend. Yesterday though morning tea time I just could not face the idea of my prepared food (not that tuna and blanched cauli and brocolli is all that appealing) but felt physically ill at the idea of eating it. Had a protein shake instead to get something in.. Lunch came and all I wanted was a sandwich (which I fully enjoyed) but not on plan. Oh well.. back on the horse today. But surprising no drop on the scale even though I can see improvements.
I know the scale should not be the be all and end all but it would make coach happy to see. He loves scales - I think he secretly wants to marry them ;). I have another week and a half before I see him again and I really want an obvious difference (for the better preferably).
My birthday is a week away and the folks cant get it out of their heads that we dont HAVE to go out to dinner to celebrate. I think we comprimised with a BBQ at home. That way I can stay clear of temptation. Speaking of temptation.. I need to bake a cake for work.. again whats with the 'must eat cake - must drink - its your birthday? I think making a cake sounds like alot of fun.. now if I could just work out how (I can imagine myself to be a very fancy cake maker).

And thinking about Magda's blog on 'The perfect day". I have realised I dont know what that would include.. this will take some thought..