Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T-12 weeks and the Christmas holidays

Merry Christmas everyone!

So i have been absence in the past few weeks but all is coming along nicely. The weight loss had stalled at 70kg but there was definately changes going on with my body. The waist has come in alot and there is less back fat LOL. Today I finally broke to 70 barrier (Santa came a day early). It was exactly what I needed to keep me on plan for tomorrow. I am spending Christmas eve with my Mum (Dad is away and so are my brothers so didnt want her to be alone). We are having steak and veg and going for a big walk to see the Christmas lights and get in the mood.
Christmas day will be started with a brisk walk at the beach. I will be working the lunch shift at the restaurant which I am seeing as a positive. 1 less meal to behave through. Mum will pick me up from work to take me to my uncles house. I am allowing myself a small treat with my Christmas dinner but that will be it for the evening. Boxing day will be spent doing retail therapy and dinner with the new man. Perfect relaxation.

Training has been going guns a blazing. Training with Danielle is working out great and we train alot harder. My obliques are still hurting from Sunday's session. Cardio is even going well. I am now walking for an hour in the morning and the bike for 45 min at night. Im enjoying it and it makes it that much easier if its not a chore.

Not sure what else to right exept have a great holiday and love the time with your family.
Merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes come true in the New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl. Just letting you know that you need to delete me from your blog list and add me again now that I have a new isp address since moving my blog. It's www.liahalsall.com.

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)